Geopark Harz and the national geosite in the Brocken area

The Harz region is rich in geological particularities

The "Harz – Braunschweiger Land – Ostfalen" Geopark (website in German) was founded in 2002. Within the Park the history of the Earth becomes visible and comprehensible. Due to its geological development the Harz has a unique geological and mineralogical diversity in a relatively small area. Therefore the Harz has many facilities and institutions that are concerned with its geology, such as the Harz museum in Wernigerode, Goslar municipal museum, tourist mines and show caves, educational trails about rocks and geology and Clausthal University of Technology. There are also sites that are known throughout Germany, such as the show caves in Rübeland, Einhorn-Höhle (Unicorn Cave) or "Grube Samson".

The Geopark is divided into several areas and each of these contains a "landmark". There is an explanatory leaflet for each landmark. The Brocken is the landmark of the Harz National Park region. Its granite boulder fields have even been declared a national geosite, which is a big responsibility for the Park administration.

For further information please contact the Regionalverband Harz e.V. and the information centres within the Geopark at Sankt Andreasberg, TorfHaus and Brockenhaus National Park Visitor Centres (websites in German).