Bark Beetle Path near Ilsenburg

Information about the bark beetle during a short hiking trip around Ilsenburg

At a first glance it seems like a mini disaster. The bark beetle attacks and leaves a dead forest behind. But when you take another look, you will see what follows.

Commercial forests planted by man only consisting of spruces are not very resistant and therefore vulnerable. But even when the bark beetle has done a very good job, nature will conquer its territory back. It creates a new forest among the dead wood.

Starting in Ilsenburg you can see this with your own eyes. The trip on the Bark Beetle Path with its nature experience points starts in the valley of the river Ilse near the large car park. At the beginning or at the end of your hiking tour you can get additional information from our rangers at Ilsetal National Park Visitor Centre.

Die grün gekennzeichneten Linien zeigen das Wegenetz des Nationalparks Harz. Offizielle Wanderwege sind im Gelände ausgeschildert. Bitte wandern Sie nur auf ausgeschilderten Wegen. Im Nationalpark gilt ein Wege-Gebot, damit die Natur auch Ruhezonen hat.