Animal watching

On the trail of animals in the National Park

It takes a lot of luck to see animals in the wild. Therefore, we have several offers for you which will bring you closer to the animals.

If you are lucky, you can see wild animals during your visit at one of our two animal watching stations. You can find one close to Molkenhaus forest restaurant near Bad Harzburg and another, which is also barrier-free, in the Oder valley, halfway between Oderhaus and Rinderstall forest restaurant. At any rate, you should not be in a hurry and bring some patience since the animals do not show up on command.

In autumn we offer guided tours with our competent National Park foresters and rangers. For further information (in German) please click here.

The lynx enclosure at Rabenklippe near Bad Harzburg and the capercaillie enclosure near Lonau offer you further opportunities to watch wild animals.