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Portrait with short information about the Harz National Park


1990 (Hochharz National Park), 1994 (Harz National Park)
Merger on 1 January 2006

Harz National Park is a registered protection area according to the EU Habitats Directive. Furthermore, large parts of the Park are certified Special Protection Areas (SPA) for birds (Birds Directive).


24,703 ha (about 10% of the surface of the entire Harz area)

Height levels

Harz National Park rises from 230 m in the North or 270 m in the South up to 1,141 m at the Brocken.

Vegetation zones

Due to the height difference of 900 m between the lowest height level, hill land, and the highest level, the Brocken summit area, six different vegetation zones can be found. About 96% of the National Park's surface is covered with forest.

International status

In 2003 the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) declared both Hochharz and Harz National Park as national parks (Category II type of protected areas within the IUCN rating).
The designation of national parks is legally binding. These entities have to be protected consistently. They cover large surfaces which house unique wildlife, they are in a natural or semi-natural state, or can be transformed into this state within a reasonable amount of time. (Please find more information at What is a national park?)
In 2005 Harz National Park became a member of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism.


60% as a core zone (no human intervention), 39% as a management zone (measures according to the forest development plan), 1% as a special use zone (e.g. mountain meadow) or water area.