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Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Nationalparks Harz e.V. (GFN)

The association of friends of the Harz National Park - Help protecting the nature!

The flora and fauna in the central Harz area has many particularities. Therefore the area deserves special protection, the protection of a national park.

In this protected area nature is supposed to be left to itself in order to develop according to its very own laws. We conserve a piece of nature and thus a piece of biosphere for many species – for us and the following generations.

The NGO Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Nationalparks Harz e.V. (GFN) was created in order to support the administration of the national park and its projects. The GFN supports the environmental education programmes in the Harz National Park and its national park visitor centres, the work with children and youth groups, the publishing of environmental education materials and publications and much more.

Being a member of the EUROPARC Federation, the GFN is, together with the Harz National Park, advocating the national park principle in the Harz area.

Your donation could help us to achieve our goals.

Become a member of the GFN and help us conserving the unique natural heritage of the Harz. Thank you very much!

Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Nationalparks Harz e.V.

Grummetwiese 16

38640 Goslar

Website: www.gfn-harz.de (partly in English)

Account for donations:

Bank name: Commerzbank Goslar

Account number: 71 90 200

Bank identification number: 268 400 32


IBAN DE 36 2684 0032 0719 0200 00

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